Embark on the journey of healing yourself and others. Reconnect with our ancient roots and mother nature.
Become an Ayurvedic nutritionist, herbalist, and holistic health consultant with our professional Ayurveda certificate courses in India.

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“Discover the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with our comprehensive courses in India.” Our Ayurveda certificate courses are designed to provide a thorough understanding of this traditional system of medicine, including its principles, practices, and applications. Led by experienced practitioners, our programs offer a blend of theoretical and practical training, covering areas such as herbal medicine, massage therapy, and nutrition. Learn to integrate Ayurvedic principles into your daily life and become a qualified Ayurveda Health Consultant through our Ayurveda courses in India. ” Shape up your career in Ayurveda with our short term courses in Ayurveda. Enroll now and start your journey towards a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.


Ayurveda Certificate Courses: Objectives and Outcome

  • Learn Ayurveda living and embrace ancient time tested healing secrets to achieve good health
  • Understanding physical, mental and psycho spiritual traits of 3 body types or personalities
    ( Vata, Pitta & Kapha)
  • Learn and gain deeper understanding of concepts of Ayurveda basics, advanced principles, Ayurveda diet and nutrition and Ayurveda herbalism
  • Learn Ayurveda Nutrition and design health diet charts for 7 different kind of body types for different body disorders and seasons
  • Learn Ayurveda herbalism and become an Ayurveda herbalist to select and recommend herbs wisely
  • Get professional Ayurveda certification and embark on the path of healing yourself, your family and people
  • Take steps toward becoming an Ayurveda holistic health consultant, Ayurveda nutritionist and herbalist with us

There are several aspects to Ayurveda that are quite unique as compared to conventional treatments:

Its recommendations will often be different for each person regarding food and lifestyle, it should be followed in order to be completely healthy. This is due to its use of a constitutional model.


  • Everything in Ayurveda is validated by observation, inquiry, direct examination and knowledge derived from the ancient texts. You need to study Ayurveda in India like a direct learning experience to understand it fully.
  • It understands that there are energetic forces that influence nature and human beings. These forces are called as Tridoshas (3 basic body constitutions). Health can be attained only by balancing the states of these 3 doshas.
  • As Ayurveda sees a strong connection between the mind and the body, a huge amount of information is available regarding this relationship.
  • Get your Ayurveda certification in India at VIY and change the way you look at your health, mind and body!

Residential Ayurveda Courses in India @ Vishuddhi Isha Yoga (VIY)

1 Basic Ayurveda Course 7 days
2 Advanced Ayurveda Course 2 weeks
3 Ayurveda Diet & Nutrition 2 weeks
4 Ayurveda Herbalism Course 2 weeks

Ayurveda Health Consultations (Online and Personal)

Consult with Pradip krishnaa for your chronic illnesses and disorders. Heal yourself safely and gradually with Comprehensive holistic health and healing treatment plan.

Holistic Healing Ayurveda Consultation includes:


In case, visiting Goa and learning from teachers at our Yoga Ayurveda school is not a practical option for you due to various reasons then we encourage you to consider learning Ayurveda online with us. Now VIY offers self-paced professional short term Ayurveda courses in India. Kindly explore our online courses and schedule here.


Basic Ayurveda Course (7 Days)

Learn fundamental concepts and principles of Ayurveda which introduces you to Ayurveda living and healthy holistic lifestyle. This course is created and taught by Pradip Krishnaa, a compassionate Yogi and experienced Ayurveda healer.
Learn how to use ancient wisdom of the oldest healing system to keep yourself healthier harmonious and happier. Most of the diseases and disorders are contributed by inappropriate lifestyle which people follow in the contemporary world living without awareness leading to various imbalances. Daily stressors are unavoidable but it’s possible to neutralize the side effects of random lifestyles by adopting the principles of Ayurveda and also gradually switching to Ayurveda ways over the period of time.

This short term ayurveda certificate course guides you to understand the natural needs of your body and thereby assisting you to break those unwanted and unhealthy habits step by step. A complete Ayurveda Health Routine created for any beginner.

Online Ayurveda Courses at (VIY)

Online Ayurveda Courses at (VIY)

Ayurveda Basic Course Preview

Who can join?

Anyone who wants to improve his or her mental, emotional, physical health and wellbeing.


What would you learn in this course?

Detailed Course Curriculum

  • Introduction of Ayurveda
  • Unique features of Ayurveda as a healing medical science
  • Tridoshas (3 doshas) and panchmahabhuta ( 5 Elements) theory
  • Seasonal and Daily Ayurveda routines for attaining your perfect health and balance
  • Some path breaking Ayurveda principles which people normally ignore in present times
  • Different Ayurveda Body type constitutions and how to identify them


Certification to be awarded on successful completion:

Internationally valid Ayurveda course certification after successful completion accredited to recognized Indian Ayurveda and vocational training accrediting educational body BSS.


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Advanced Ayurveda Certificate Courses (2 weeks)

Learn and understand other advanced concepts of Ayurveda like Agni, dhatus, Mala, and srotas. Understand fundamentals of digestion and metabolism in humans. Learn about disorders, related organ systems, underlying causes and symptoms, Pathogenesis and progression of diseases, Ayurveda therapies and treatments, diagnosis through physical inspection and detailed questionnaire.

Advanced Ayurveda Courses in India with VIY, Preview

Who can join?

Anyone who wants to improve his or her mental, emotional, physical health and wellbeing. Anyone who’s through with basic concepts of Ayurveda already.

What would you learn in this course?

Detailed Course Curriculum

First Week, Module 1

  1. Basics of Ayurveda and Concept of metabolism and disease
  2. Concept of Agni ( Fire)
  3. Concept of Dhatus ( Seven Tissues)
  4. Concept of Malas ( Wastes)
  5. Concept of Strotras ( channels)
  6. Concept of Koshthas
Module 2, Week 2
  1. Ayurveda Treatments and Therapies
  2. Basics of Panchkarma
  3. Prepanchkarma Procedures (Snehana/ Svedana)
  4. Panchkarma Procedures (Vaman/Virechana/Raktmokshana)
  5. Panchkarma Procedures (Basti/Nasya)
  6. Post Panchkarma Procedures and Treatment of various disorders Through Panchkarma
  7. Ayurvedic Botany (Medicinal plants in Ayurveda)
  8. Pathology and concept of disease

Ayurveda Course Certificate to be awarded on successful completion:

Internationally valid Ayurveda certification after successful completion accredited to recognized Indian Ayurveda and vocational training accrediting educational body BSS.

Want to study Ayurveda online?  Read more here:  Online Advanced Ayurveda Course 


Nature of Courses:

Theoretical and Conceptual, Written Exam, assignments & Viva as assessment and evaluation


Monday to Friday, Weekends off
One classroom lecture is typically 2 hrs long including 15 minutes’ tea break in between

Study Ayurveda Herbalism and Nutrition with us.

Study Ayurveda Herbalism and Nutrition with us.

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