Code of Conduct and Rules

Rules & Code of Conduct

  • Be regular and punctual in classes
  • Wear decent and appropriate dress suitable for Yoga Practice, preferably white and light colors. Flashy, body revealing and exposing outfits are not allowed to wear in the ashram and classroom premises
  • Kindly don’t sit with other reference books in the class and focus on learning from the concerned teachers. Use references for additional supplementation only in the free time later
  • Practice asanas and pranayama either empty stomach or at least 4 hours after the last meal
  • In case of any sickness during the course, report to the teachers immediately
  • Narcotic drugs, liquors and smoking are not allowed during the course or in the Yoga school’s premises. We have zero tolerance policy for using these prohibited things in the school’s premises
  • We recommend you to consume saatvic vegetarian diet during the course
  • Do not talk irrelevant during the class. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Express freely but don’t interrupt and stop others or teachers
  • Be friendly and cooperative with other teachers, staff and trainees
  • All sessions are compulsory. In case of frequent leaves from the class, institution might now allow the student to attempt for the final certification exam. Kindly give valid reasons for not being in the class. No repetitions will be taken for the absentees. This is an intensive short course and there’s no scope of repetitions for absentees. Although, institution doesn’t mind arranging extra repeat sessions on Saturday for doubts and confusions especially for the sincere and devoted students if there’s a time, scope and feasibility
  • If trainee is found to be irregular with classes and at the same time found to be undisciplined, the institution reserves the right for not awarding the certificate after repeated warnings. In extreme cases admission can be cancelled without any explanation. Payment for this course goes to tuition fee, accommodation and other resources that Yoga school is spending on student and their registration. It doesn’t mean that you can be certified just by joining, attending classes and making payments. We are not selling education and no one is deemed to buy it cheaply
  • In case of any unavoidable circumstances arising on part of the student, the student can discontinue the course only in emergency situations. Approval has to be sanctioned from the institution beforehand by submitting valid reasons. Course fee shall not be refunded, however they can come back in the next available schedules within next 12 months to complete the course, if approved to do so by the institution and the director
  • Certificates will be issued only after the successful completion of the course as per the standards set by the institution
  • Course fee is not refundable, once paid after the commencement of the course. Kindly read payment and refund terms on the payment terms page carefully
  • Rules and Regulations will be informed to the students’ right from the beginning. Rules & Regulations sheet will have to be signed by the students on the first day in person and also online during the online registration. If you refuse to sign, then Yoga school would not allow you to be a part of the classes and courses any further
  • Exams will comprise of testing your overall knowledge of the concepts and practical. Exams would include written 2 -3 hrs pen and paper. Detailed paper and practical in the classroom setup. Grades & Certification would be given based on your performance in the class, written exam, discipline, and personal attitude and Yoga ethics
  • In case of any dispute, all appeals and legal proceedings would be undertaken at Goa and Indian Jurisdiction and courts only
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