Kundalini Kriya Yoga Discourses Series – Part1

This is a 15 hours’ online course with 16 individual video discourses with first 8 discourses are audio discourses and other 8 are video discourses. This Kundalini Discourse Series is the first part of the entire discourses taught by renowned Yogi and mystic Pradip Krishnaa. Learn and gain the profound understanding of Kundalini potential lying dormant within all humans. These discourses would unravel the mystery of Kundalini Shakti to enthusiastic Yoga disciples and learners. Some key insights into Kundalini Kriya Yoga and its significant life transforming effects on humanity by renowned Yoga teacher and mystic Pradip krishnaa.

Preview of Kundalini Yoga Discourses Series- Part 1

Audio Series
Discourse 1:  Understanding Kundalini 1
Discourse 2:  Understanding Kundalini (Extended version) 2
Discourse 3:  Kundalini Physiology 1
Discourse 4:  Kundalini Physiology 2
Discourse 5:  Methods of Kundalini Awakening 1
Discourse 6:  Methods of Kundalini Awakening 2
Discourse 7:  Preparing for the Kundalini Awakening 1
Discourse 8:  Preparing for the Kundalini Awakening 2

Video Series
Discourse 9:     Diet for Kundalini Yoga and Awakening Practices
Discourse 10:  Risks and Precautions with Kundalini Yoga
Discourse 11:  Kundalini and Madness
Discourse 12:  Forms of Kundalini Awakening
Discourse 13:  Descent of Kundalini
Discourse 14:  The Experiences of Kundalini Awakening
Discourse 15:  Path of Kriya Yoga
Discourse 16:  Vama Marga & Tantra

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