200 hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India @ Vishuddhi Isha Yoga

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We at Vishuddhi Isha Yoga Practice Kundalini Yoga in a spiritual way that draws on ancient tantric knowledge. We offer serious spiritual yogis our Kundalini yoga teacher training in Goa, India, which involves a series of meditative and contemplative techniques (kriyas) that aim at cleansing the chakras and raising the kundalini energy from Mooladhara to Sarhshaha, eventually leading to complete metamorphosis and transformation of the consciousness. During this Kundalini Yoga course, students can expect to learn a range of techniques and practises that help to activate this energy and promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


Unlike its physical variant often practised in the West, practising Kundalini yoga at Vishuddhi Isha Yoga means drawing your awareness inward to your centre self (Atman). We awaken the consciousness in such a way that you are encouraged to think creatively outside the box and develop your intuitive mind. Good health, willpower, concentration, youth, vigor, vitality, and peace are the natural outcomes as we go deeper into sadhana (the  dedicated, uninterrupted practise of a yogi with complete love and devotion) over a prolonged period of time.


This method of Kundalini works the strongest for your personal transformation. By gradually and safely awakening and employing the power of Shakti, you will greatly benefit from an elevation in consciousness, higher physical well-being, and an expansion of awareness. Practicing Kundalini Kriyas will also help you live a harmonious and balanced life full of contentment and compassion!


Kundalini, chakras and meditations in Kundalini Yoga teacher training in Goa India.
Ask yourself WHY?

Why you should choose a Kundalini Yoga teacher training course in Goa at Vishuddhi Isha Yoga (VIY)?

  • We do not offer commercial yoga here. We strive to teach genuine traditional Kundalini Kriya Yoga systems and methods. We merge this with Nada, Hatha, and Mantra Yoga techniques, which are delivered and taught in a simple and effective way.
  • We are expecting dedicated and serious students to join our Kundalini Yoga course who are truly dedicated to personal transformation. We provide a serious traditional approach to learning Kundalini Yoga that is based on the ethos and methodology of ancient Indian Vedic Sciences.We employ dedicated and serious Indian Kundalini Yoga teachers who are not only experienced but also awakened.
  • A Kundalini yoga instructor training course in Goa with us is just the beginning of your personal, spiritual, and professional transformation. We follow up with continued communication and guidance one-on-one online if students wish to do so.
  • We keep small groups (maximum of 5 to 6) to give individual attention and interaction, which leads to a unique learning experience.
  • The most effective way of learning and teaching yoga is through “direct experience.” This is the traditional teaching, where you will inherit the fruits of ancient Yogis’ wisdom up to the present day.
  • We offer opportunities for volunteering for enthusiastic students after the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course who succeed in displaying performance, the right Yogi attitude, and personal professional ethics.

“Develop a personable personal presence and excellence as a Kundalini teacher.”



Who can join this Kundalini Yoga Course?

You should opt for this course if you seek deeper self-transformation. If you are a serious student striving for more profound and internal experiences than what a tourist yoga destination can offer, at VIY, we practise yoga in a spiritual way, avoiding distractions like loud music, parties, and intoxication. You will feel more relaxed and connected with the inner world and yourself. If you don’t give up on the kriyas and philosophy during and after yoga school, your life will be transformed into one that is happier, healthier, and more harmonious.


Is this Kundalini Yoga teacher training course for you?


You should opt for this course if you seek deeper self-transformation. If you are a serious student striving for more profound and internal experiences than what a tourist yoga destination can offer, At VIY, we practise yoga in a spiritual way, avoiding distractions like loud music, parties, and intoxication. You will feel more relaxed and connected with the inner world and yourself. If you don’t give up on the kriyas and philosophy during and after yoga school, your life will be transformed into one that is happier, healthier, and more harmonious. 




Interested students should go through the pre assessment before they can be enrolled in the course:

Step 1:

Live online video session with our lead teacher, Pradip Krishnaa for the relevant course to ascertain your readiness and prior preparation.


Step 2:
Online registration and payment, if approved to do so by the lead teacher after the step 1

Note :   Above steps are to ensure that you are well prepared and have understood teachers, course philosophy and Yoga school’s teaching methodology, expectation from its participants. These steps are not an exam. We believe readiness and intent would take you a long way to succeed and make the most of your time, investment and effort.


Gauge your expectations (expectations go both ways in life)

What can you expect at VIY or we expect from participants?

We expect you to follow the discipline and code of conduct being laid out for students and participants; we don’t allow non-vegetarian food, smoking and drinking alcohol in the Yoga school’s premises. It is advised to abstain from sexual and sensual pleasures during the training for your own good. You should live with simplicity in a pure Yogi way. You are also advised to come with minimum issues and emotional baggage. Try to avoid all the distractions during the training for deeper immersion. We also advise you to avoid useless chatting and engage yourself in personal and group practice. You must be respectful to other mates and teachers in the Yoga centre. Last but not the least, you must be open to learn and remain focused on the course only and nothing else.

Kindly read Code of Conduct here.


What we teach in this course?

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa, India, Introduction and Orientation by Pradip krishnaa

We teach authentic, ancient and traditional Kundalini Kriya Yoga methods which also include nada and mantra Yoga techniques and methods for cleansing the chakras and awakening the Kundalini. The Kundalini Yoga course is comprised of Kundalini Yoga concepts in the form of interactive discourses with teachers, tantra Kundalini philosophy, physiology and detailed explanation and understanding of the Kundalini serpent energy within us. 

The Kriyas and meditations will bring slow and gradual changes to our mind, body and every aspect of our life. Strict discipline, austerity and persistent effort along with serious dedication is required in order for the aspirant to reach higher on this path. No sudden changes and results can be expected.


We don’t teach Yogi Bhajan Style of Kundalini Yoga at VIY. However, few methods and kriyas might bear similarity with Yogi Bhajan’s form of Kundalini Yoga. we follow Yogananda and Shivanada Kriya Kundalini Yoga lineages and we also draw our teachings from traditional classical Hatha, Nada, Kriya Yoga and Mantra Yoga systems.


Dakshina Path of Kundalini Yoga and Tantra ( Right Hand Tantra)

The Dakshina Path of Kundalini Yoga is a method of teaching and practicing Kundalini Yoga that emphasizes the use of traditional techniques and a holistic teaching methodology. This approach to Kundalini Yoga aims to awaken the energy at the base of the spine, known as Kundalini, and harness its transformative power for physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

The techniques used in the Dakshina Path may include pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (yoga postures), meditation, and mantras. The teaching methodology is centered on the principles of compassion, authenticity, and respect for each student’s unique journey. The goal of the Dakshina Path is to empower individuals to develop a deeper understanding and connection with their true self.


How we teach in our Kundalini yoga teacher certification program in Goa

Each Kundalini and Tantra Yoga asana series is done with a specific breathing technique that intensifies the effects of the poses with the purpose of freeing energy in the lower body and allowing it to move upwards within the chakras. Kundalini sequences (Kriyas) may be done in conjunction with a designated breathing method (Pranayama) or by holding a pose (locks) while breathing in a particular way.

Our Kundalini Yoga class begins with a short chant followed by a warm-up to stretch the spine and improve flexibility. The main focus is the practise of Kundalini Kriyas, which is a prescribed sequence of poses and pranayama that focuses on a precise area of the body. The class ends with a meditation, which is accompanied by the teacher singing a closing mantra or devotional prayer.


Kundalini, chakras and meditations in Kundalini Yoga teacher training in Goa India.

Detailed Curriculum for Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Goa India (3.5 weeks, 200 Hrs)

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa at VIY has insights and teachings from Kundalini and Kriya Yoga traditions. It mostly includes the ancient esoteric knowledge and spiritual insights of right hand path (Dakshina) of Kundalini Yoga traditional lineage being practiced in India for thousands of years. 


  • Ye Man, Tame the Kundalini,
  • What is Kundalini?
  • Kundalini Physiology
  • Kundalini and the Brain
  • Methods of Awakening
  • The Descent of Kundalini
  • Preparing for the Awakening
  • Diet for Kundalini Awakening
  • Risks and Precautions
  • Kundalini and Madness
  • Four Forms of Kundalini Awakening


  • Introduction to the Chakras and Nadis
  • Ida, Pingala & Shushumna
  • Evolution through the Chakras
  • Ajna Chakra
  • Mooladhara Chakra
  • Swadhisthana Chakra
  • Manipura Chakra
  • Anahata Chakra
  • Vishuddhi Chakra
  • Bindu Visarga
  • Sahasrara and Samadhi


  • Rules and Preparation
  • Morning Pranyama and Meditation Practice
  • Morning Kundalini Yoga Asana Practice
  • Chakra Sadhana Course
  • Practices for Ajna Chakra
  • Practices for Mooladhara Chakra
  • Practices for Swadhisthana Chakra
  • Practices for Integrated Chakra Awareness
  • Your Sadhana Program
  • Kundalini Kriyas of Kriya Yoga
  • The Kriya Yoga Practices and schedule


  • Yoga Sutras
  • Concept of Abhyasa and Vairagyam
  • Ashtanga Yoga (The 8 limbs of Yoga)


  • The Mechanics’ of Breathing
  • Four Aspects of Pranayama
  • Introducing the practitioner to his natural breath
    • Abdominal Breathing
    • Thoracic Breathing
    • Clavicles Breathing
    • Full Yogic Breath
    • Nadi Shodhana
  • Bramhari
  • Bastrika
  • Kapal Bhati
  • Sheetali & Sheetkari
  • Ujjayi
  • Surya Bhedan
  • Moola, Uddhyana, Jalandhara & Maha Bandha.


  • OM and Beej Mantras for Chakra activation
  • Mantra chanting (Maha Gayatri & Maha Mantra)
  • Bhajan & Kirtan
  • Kundalini Dynamic Moving meditation and Trance for realising higher awareness and Dharana Practices


Exam, Evaluation & Assessment

To attain the certification and graduation, you will have to pass a practical and theoretical exam. It is not difficult for serious students to pass the exams. In the practical exam, you will take the role of a teacher, teaching Kriyas and a class for Kundalini concept explanation in front of the group, as well as pranaymas and meditations. The theoretical exam is comprised of a written exam covering the concepts taught during the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Students will be provided a course manual and recommended books which they can buy and refer or read from the school library based on availability.

Course Outcome & Certification
  • 200-Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course, India, Yoga Alliance International (YAI) accredited course certification
  • Additionally, students will have the opportunity to explore the spiritual and psychological aspects of Kundalini Yoga and learn how to integrate these practises into their daily lives. By the end of the Kundalini Yoga course, students should have a deeper understanding of the power of Kundalini energy and the ability to use it for personal growth and transformation.
  • Students would be able to work and teach as a registered Kundalini yoga teacher after the successful completion of this Kundalini yoga instructor course.

Special Offer:

Enrolled Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training students would get 15% fee concession on Residential Ayurveda Courses and 25% on Online Ayurveda Courses

Early Bird discount applicable for minimum 60 days’ advance online payment and course registration


Accommodation and Meals

We provide sharing and non sharing accommodation  officially from 2023 January onwards.

We are located just 5 minutes walking distance from the famous Candolim beach in North Goa. Our Yoga Ayurveda School is placed amidst peaceful tranquil lush green surroundings, with a view of  paddy fields on two sides and a beautiful view of the hilltop on the other sides. 🙂

Premises is ideal for your Yoga practice and meditations. We have a huge lush green landscape, big swimming pool with coconut and herbs being grown around. You can just go out of your apartment, roll your mat out and start practicing as you like. 

Accommodation Type:

1. Shared furnished apartment with shared washroom, kitchen, common living room, but separate bedrooms.

2. Non sharing Apartment, 1 bhk apartment with private washroom.


  1. Accommodations is subject to availability and we suggest you to register minimum 2 to 3 months in prior to your schedule especially if you are joining schedules falling between Janaury to March months in winters. 
  2. Accommodation is avaliable on first come first basis only. 

In case, you don’t get accommodation with us the no worries, we do recommend and assist students with accommodation options within their budgets(fully furnished apartments with kitchen, basic rooms and homestays nearby at walking distance or within the 2 km radius.) 

Have a look here, Accommodation & Venue Gallery 


In case of non availability:

You are free to book rooms or apartments on sites like Airbnb, booking dot com on your own as well based on your budget, if you feel so.


We do not provide meals at our Yoga Ayurveda school anymore primarily as we would like to focus only on academics rather than getting drawn into trivial issues where it’s impossible to satisfy individuals, no matter how hard you try. However, to make things easier for students and participants, we shall be suggesting home cooked food options where they deliver food right on your doors on online home delivery food apps like swiggy and zomato. We have whole range of food options which you can select, pay and order directly from them. You can cook on your own too if you rent a fully furnished apartment unit with a moderately equipped kitchen. We have all the fruit veggies vendors and super markets at a walking distance.


Kundalini, chakras and meditations in Kundalini Yoga teacher training in Goa India.

Yoga Teacher Training in Goa India
Student’s Reviews

Watch our past graduated Yoga Teacher Training in Goa India students sharing their feedback and experience of learning at VIY ( Vishuddhi Isha Yoga) and teachers. Our success reflects with the successful completion of the course by our students. We along with our students strive hard to make this happen !!


“When wisdom arrives, man gets truly wise. Kundalini is the true wisdom in the truest sense, unlock it and be a genius”

– Pradip krishnaa

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