“What we eat affects our emotions... We are what we eat.

Join Ayurvedic Nutrition Certification Course in Goa,India with Vishuddhi Isha Yoga (VIY)

Ayurvedic Nutrition Certification Course (2 weeks)

Welcome to our Ayurvedic Nutrition Course. We are excited to give you this oppotunity to learn about Ayurveda, an ancient science, and how it can be used to improve nutrition and health in the modern world. Our course is meant to teach you everything you need to know about Ayurvedic nutrition and how to use it to improve your health and well-being as a whole. Become an Ayurvedic nutritionist and start your career in holistic health and wellness with us.  Join one of the best Ayurvedic Nutrition courses in India and give yourself a professional edge by acquiring a professionally accredited Ayurvedic Nutrition Certification by the end. 

You will learn about the different doshas (bodily energies) and how they affect your health. You will also learn how important it is to eat in a way that is right for you. You will also learn how to use the ayurvedic approach to food to balance your doshas, improve digestion, and help your body heal itself. Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything from basic Ayurvedic principles to advanced techniques for treating specific health conditions through a healing Ayurvedic diet.

Whether you are a health professional, a nutritionist, or just want to improve your own health, our Ayurvedic nutrition certification course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to make smart choices about your diet and lifestyle. Join us on this self-discovery journey, and you’ll learn how to live a healthier, more balanced life.

This course lays your foundation in Ayurvedic Nutrition and even takes you further to apply the learned principles for healing and curing people with further continued research, practical experience and application.


Learning Outcomes and Objectives of Ayurvedic Nutrition Course:

  • A definitive step towards becoming an Ayurveda Nutritionist & Ayurveda Health Consultant.
  • Getting equipped with all the knowledge required for healing yourself, friends and family and for leading an Ayurvedic lifestyle
  • Getting a professional certification on successful completion of the course.
  • Learn Ayurveda concepts related to food, diet and nutrition
  • Get introduced to the unique ancient system of Ayurveda food and diet principles customized for every individual’s dosha body type
  • Gain hands-on experience in the kitchen, learning how to prepare Ayurvedic meals and how to use Ayurvedic cooking techniques
Best Ayurvedic Nutrition Courses in india. Become an Ayurvedic Nutritionist.

Ayurvedic Diet and Nutrition Course Preview

“If you strive for the bliss, your diet should be such that new diseases don’t manifest and existing diseases gets alleviated”
- Charaka

Who can join?

Anyone who wants to improve his or her mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being by using treasures of Ayurveda Nutrition. Anyone who’s through with the basic concepts of Ayurvedic already. Anyone who is interested to work as an Ayurvedic Nutritionist professionally and giving Ayurvedic diet consultations.  

What would you learn in this course?

Detailed Course Curriculum

  • This course guides you to identify your dosha (body constitution) and aggravated states which lead to various disorders if ignored.
  • Understanding physical, mental and psycho-spiritual traits of 3 body types or personalities ( Vata, Pitta & Kapha)
  • Compatible and Incompatible foods as per Ayurveda
  • Fundamental principles of Ayurvedic nutrition course and food energetics
  • Learn to establish your relationship with food as not just a source of nutrition but also of consciousness.
  • Learn the food energetics (taste, temperature, texture, color and nutritive values).
  • Learn to select local seasonal food and include in your daily recipes and diet.
  • Learn to make Ayurveda health diet charts for 7 different kind of body types.
  • Learn to make seasonal body type food chart, learn to create diet chart for various disorders.
  • Importance of food rituals and storage (traditional practices vs modern usage).
  • Selecting the right cookware and vessels as per your dosha.
  • Learn the concepts of community farming and growing your own Ayurveda organic food.
  • Ayurveda food recipes for balancing doshas.

Certification to be awarded on successful completion: Internationally valid ayurveda certification after successful completion accredited to recognized Indian Ayurveda and vocational training accrediting educational body BSS.

Nature of Courses:

Theoretical and conceptual, written Exam, assignments & viva as assessment and evaluation


Monday to Friday, Weekends off
One classroom lecture is typically 2.5 hrs long including 15 minutes’ tea break in between

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