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Self-Paced Online Learning Methodology at VIY

Unlike other online sites our online yoga classes in India with VIY are interactive, meaning you can communicate with the instructor, ask questions, be corrected by the instructor through our live doubt clearing sessions or live chat sessions. Vishuddhi Isha Yoga has opened up online Yoga courses on the request of the previous students who wanted the continuing education option. Unlike other online Yoga sites, we are an actual residential Yoga school located in North Goa, India. We offer professional online yoga courses for serious and dedicated students covering prominent focused core modules. These courses are self-paced, which basically means that you can decide the pace of the course based on your time, convenience and schedule. It’s possible to fast track and slow down the pace of the courses as you decide with what pace you go ahead.

Need of the Online Yoga Courses

We believe that commitment, discipline and academic interaction is the basis for all learning. We have decided to teach this through the virtual online medium, where courses are being delivered through the prerecorded video tutorials uploaded on our website. All you have to do is to register and get access to our cost effective courses. We strongly believe in the maximum outreach of our courses and online mode allows us to educate anyone around the globe whomsoever is interested to learn with us. Lot of people can’t travel all the way to India and commit that kind of time, efforts and investment to study physically with us at our Yoga Ayurveda School, so we provide them the opportunity to learn authentic ancient Vedic Sciences, Yoga and Ayurveda right from their home, time and convenience.
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Online Courses at Vishuddhi Isha Yoga (VIY)
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Who can join our Online Yoga Courses of VIY?
  • You have a prior experience with yoga but have a deeper desire to take it to the next level, but lack the knowledge and discipline and time to do practices that help you balancing yourself and finding your true inner self
  • You have a desire of going deeper into a yogic mindset, but you lack the time to go outside your home for classes on a regular basis
  • You have a desire and need to learn from experienced, skilled and awakened Indian teachers trained in the ancient Vedic tradition of Hatha, Kriya Kundalini Yoga and Philosophy but unable to commit time and money to travel and do residential courses for now
  • You don’t find such teachers and courses in the country and city you live but can commit studying online with all the flexibilities and cost benefits it provides
Vishuddhi Isha Yoga (VIY) is a practice of expanding mind and opening heart to the vibration of love, truth and compassion, so our consciousness and karmas are in alignment with our True Self (Atman).
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Online Yoga Courses @ Vishuddhi Isha Yoga (VIY)


Kundalini Kriya Yoga Discourses Series 1

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Online Upcoming Yoga Courses @ Vishuddhi Isha Yoga (VIY)

Upward Spiral Program Based on Kriya Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Kriyas and Tantra Meditations – 1

Integrated Yoga Course in Pranayama, Mudras & Bandhas

Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Goa India

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