200 hrs. Kriya Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course
Kundalini Yoga TTC at Vishuddhi Isha has taught me a very mindful and meditative form of Yoga. Nothing like the physical exercises I learned back home. It gave me a completely new approach to Yoga!!!
– Isabelle, France, Kundalini Yoga TTC
This course deepened my yoga practice. I experienced how to do pranaymas in a much more profound way and how meditation can give peace of mind. The teachers became my friends by the end of the course. Thank you!!
– Giannis, Greece, Kundalini Yoga TTC
Giannis Koutlidis
I learned a lot not only technical but also life changing. The pranayama and kriyas are helping me already to breathe better and to have more awareness about everything. During the course, I received bad news from home and I was able to handle it in a much better way. Kundalini is a life experience, it is a journey and I am glad I have come here to learn it. I really thank my teachers. Bless you!!
– – Gui, Brazil, Kundalini Yoga TTCC
I feel a strong connection with the teachers. I already did vinyasa TTC, but in this course I wanted to find the real yoga and the work you can do in yourself, for yourself and to love yourself. I went deeper into the pranayama techniques; it changed my breath and me. Kundalini Kriyas made me discover this flow inside me. I really think it moved something inside me. I cried. But I really accepted why I cried. It was very good. It inspired me a lot. I strongly recommend for serious Kundalini aspirants and students.
– Martina, Italy, Kundalini Yoga TTC
I cannot believe how affordable this course is and that to in Goa.Every day, I went to the mirror to see how much younger I had become. I truly liked Pradeep’s teaching and instructions.
– Åsa, Sweden, Kundalini Yoga TTC
200 hrs. Yoga Therapy TTC
When I came here I was not planning to be a teacher, but after this intensive experience I feel that this is my path, and I feel inspired. I want to continue my journey and I am planning to be a teacher. I feel much more calm and relaxed and I think that I became a better person.
– Aiste, Lithuania, Hatha Yoga YTTC
I have learned to trust more in myself and to use all the power that I have. I have learned to be a Yoga therapist. It really takes a lot of strength and effort. But it’s worth it. I would like to thank my teachers!!!Pradeep is a serious teacher with lot of insights and wisdom so is Vijeth.
– Amanda, Netherlands, Yoga Therapy Yoga TTC
Learning yoga, theory and corrections was a very amazing experience for me. I think it has opened my mind and my heart, and I am kind of a changed person!!! Heartiest wishes for my truly amazing teacher Pradeep!!!
– Nipun, India, Yoga Therapy Course and Kundalini Yoga TTC
I finished the yoga course here in India, and I am very contented. I learnt a lot in this course. I don’t know much English Namaste! Thank you!!!
– Edgar Spain, Yoga Therapy Yoga TTC
Ayurveda Courses (Residential Goa, India)
I did Ayurveda Diet and Nutrition course with Pradip at Vishuddhi isha Yoga in my previous visit to incredible India and Goa. Being an herbalist and vegan chef for years, this course fascinated me a lot for quite some time. However, to understand food, combinations and recipes through principles of Ayurveda was quite a revelation for me. The course was nicely designed and spaced out. Learnt a lot, Thanks and Sincere Gratitude!
– Monique Henry Monda, UK
I learnt all the four Ayurveda courses here in 3 months. It was intense and had lot to assimilate as Ayurveda is so vast and deep. I am so glad that I could learn so much with all the love and teachings of my teacher Pradip. Absolutely a gem of a person! Would surely recommend!
– Swati, India
Swati Gomedhikan
It was a great experience to learn Ayurveda here. I completed Ayurveda massage and basic course. Practical learning with lot of real life examples. Truly enjoyed.
-Gabreilla, Italy
Online Yoga & Ayurveda Courses
I joined Kundalini kriya Yoga course and Ayurveda online courses during pandemic. My experience learning with Vishuddhi Isha Yoga has been absolutely great. I didn’t expect to learn so much as I wasn’t expecting much from online courses, I am, so amazed to learn so much. I would recommend especially Kriya Kundalini and Ayurveda Nutrition course.
-Aditi Rajpal, India
I finished all 4 Ayurveda online courses. I learnt a lot. I got certified with Ayurveda diploma in 8 months. These courses are in depth and good for serious learners and professionals. Pradeep is an amazing teacher.
Celeste, Spain, Online Ayurveda courses
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I enjoyed the Yoga philosophy and Basic Ayurveda online course with Vishuddhi Isha school. It gave me a new perspective on my life and I feel I am handling problems and seeing things differently. Truly an amazing experience learning this whole new way of understanding Yoga at Vishuddhi!
– Hanne, Switzerland, Online Yoga Ayurveda Course
The online advanced course was well designed with good topics and I enjoyed the way trainer explained everything.
– Christine Dubois, Online Ayurveda course
christine dubois
Learning yoga, theory and corrections was a very amazing experience for me. I think it has opened my mind and my heart, and I am kind of a changed person!!! Heartiest wishes for my truly amazing teacher Pradip!!
– Nipun, India, Yoga Therapy and Kundalini YTTC
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