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Kundalini Kriyas and Tantra Meditations – 1

This is a life transforming course focused on teaching Kundalini Kriya Yoga techniques and meditations for cleansing chakras, nadis and Chitta (States of Mind). You will learn Kundalini Kriyas and meditations with practical demonstrations followed by describing benefits, technique and practice schedule.

Course Level: Foundation Course for Kundalini Level 1 and 2 or any Advanced Hatha and Yoga Therapy TTC

Course Duration: Self-paced, 15 video tutorials.

Upward Spiral Program based on Kriya Kundalini Yoga

(Level 1 and Level 2)

Comprehensive intensive Kundalini Kriya Yoga course covering concepts, explanations and practical demonstrations of Kundalini Kriyas, meditations, Yogic mudras, asanas and Kundalini philosophy and understanding.

Course Level: Intermediate and Advanced

Course Duration:

Level 1: Self-Paced, ideally recommended –  2 months

Level 2: Self-Paced, ideally recommended –  2 months

Upward Spiral Program Based on Kriya Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Kriyas and Tantra Meditations – 1

Integrated Yoga Course in Pranayama, Mudras & Bandhas

Upcoming Online Ayurveda Yoga Courses

Ayurveda Course in Panchakarma Therapy and Treatments

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