Yoga Philosophy Discourses Series - 1

This is a 12 hours long online Yoga course with 13 individual course videos. This course is aimed at true inner spiritual engineering. We often try to solve our problems by fixing the outside world while forgetting that before we can fix the outside world we need to fix ourselves from the inside. Rather than attempting at ’outer engineering’, we therefore need to focus our energy on ’inner engineering’. You will be introduced to a Yogic way of living and benefits of following these age old principles which are even more relevant now than they were thousands of years ago.

You will gain knowledge on Yoga philosophy, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Yama Niyam and Pratyahara and use these learning to uplift your spirit, mind and body. Apply Yoga Philosophy directly to your life to increase joy, express gratitude, and transform unhealthy desires, release problems, anger, frustrations and imbalances of your mind. Live with a Yogic consciousness and change everything without trying to change anything as the change must be within us not outside.

This course includes practical, insightful and clear commentaries on Patanjali Yoga Sutras, and Yoga Philosophy by Yogi Pradip krishnaa.

Preview of Yoga Philosophy Discourses Series -1

Discourse 1:  Understanding Yoga and Yoga philosophy
Discourse 2:  Mind and its mysteries
Discourse 3:  Abhyasa (Practice) & role of discipline
Discourse 4:  Vairagyam (Detachment)
Discourse 5:  Managing Fluctuations of the mind

Patanjali Yoga Sutras: Eight limbs or Ashtanga Yoga
Discourse 6:  Yama ( Codes of self-restraint)
Discourse 7:  Niyam (Codes of self-discipline)
Discourse 8:  Asana & Pranayama
Discourse 9:  Pratyahar (Withdrawal of senses)
Discourse 10: Dharana (Concentration & witnessing)
Discourse 11: Dhyana (Meditative absorption)
Discourse 12: Samadhi -1 (Kaivalya)
Discourse 13: Samadhi -2 (Kaivalya)

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